Disaster relief - other supplies and combination kits

Sports Equipment/ Schooling

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During rehabilitation, from disaster and in development and situation, there is a need for sports and schooling equipment.

Examples of sports material we can supply are:

    Sports Wears: Tracksuit, T-shirts, Sports Uniform, Nightwear,
       Cricket/ Football Wears, Team Wears & T-shirts)
    Balls: Football, basketball, volley ball, Cricket ball
    Racquet: Badminton, tennis, table tennis
    Swimming: Costumes & glasses
    Cricket: Gloves, bat, balls
    Sports bags
    Customized Caps / key chains / T-shirts / bottles / torch
    Flags / banners / bandanas

Sports material including clothing is available in various sizes

Educational products include:

    Slates /black-boards, chalks and dusters
    Slate pencils/writing chalks
    School bags filled with items like Pencil/ ballpoint pens, Erasers
    Slate pencils/writing chalks
    Geometry box
    Wax crayons
    Science kits
    Chart papers

Packing : All items packed in a plastic bag, thereafter placed in carton.
Note : The above set can be customized as per requirement.