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Polyethyene Tarpaulin (HDPE Tarpaulin coated with LDPE)

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High quality HDPE tarpaulin with LDPE lamination is especially designed for outdoor applications where there is continuous prolonged exposure to natural elements. The most striking unique features are sun blockage, rot resistance; waterproofing and mildew proofing.


Customized as per requirements (Up to 250 feet x 250 feet)


70 gm /m2 to 700 gm /m2


6 x 6 to 14 x 14”


Solid aluminium or brass grommets every 3 feet


All sides sealed with hemmed rope and fixed with plastic corners & grommets (Either  Aluminium / Steel / Plastic)

Available in

3 layers (one layer of fabric & two layers of coating)
5 layers (two layers of fabric & three layers of coating)

Some of our special add-on features include

    Ultra-large sizes
    Non-Stitched Welded Tarpaulin
    Ultraviolet 3% treated & fire retardant
    Double sided laminated & coloured
    Printed tarpaulin
    7 layers over black weave
    Arctic flexibility


The HDPE tarpaulin with LDPE lamination can withstand most of the harsh weather and industrial conditions thus can be used for rough and tough applications

    Lorry sides & curtains
    Roof covers
    Mesh and fencing
    Industrial usage
    Mining industry
    Agricultural industry
    Oil wells and mining drill hole covers
    Sports field covers
    Hay covers
    Snow covers
    Swimming pool covers

Packing : All items packed in a plastic bag, thereafter placed in carton.
Note : The above set can be provided in different grades and packing.