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Kitchen Sets (UNHCR, IFRC Type)

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Daily needs for cooking and serving are taken care of with the standardised sets of kitchen ware. Two standard sets are readily available as follows,

For Family of 5 persons 5 persons
Stainless steel cooking pot with two handles  1 x 7L 1 x 7L
Stainless steel cooking pot with lid and two handles 1 x 5L 1 x 5L
Stainless steel frying pan 1 x 2.5L Also serves as lid for the 7L cooking pot  1 x 2.5L Also serves as lid for the 7L cooking pot 
Stainless steel bowls 5, with 1L capacity Stainless steel bowls
Stainless steel plates 5, with app 0.75L capacity Stainless steel plates
Plastic cups / stainless steel cups 5, with 0.3L capacity Plastic cups / stainless steel cups
Stainless steel spoons 5, 10 ml 5, 15 ml
Stainless steel forks 5, 17 cm 5, 17cm
Stainless steel table knives 5, 17 cm 5, 17 cm
Kitchen Knife, stainless steel blade with plastic handle 1, 15cm usable blade 1, 15cm usable blade
Spoon, wooden for stirring 1, min 30cm long 1, min 30cm long
Stainless Steel Serving Spoons 2, min 35 cm long 1, min 30 cm long
Stainless Steel Serving Ladle 1, 100ml capacity and 30cm long 1,  100ml capacity and 30cm long
Scouring Pad 1, Min 20grams 1, Min 20grams

The above set can be provided in different grades and individual as per requirement


All items packed in a plastic bag, there after placed in carton. or alternatively, they can be packet in plastic container or buckets


Kitchen set can be customized with various items and in different grades as per requirement.