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Cotton Canvas & Cotton Blend Tarpaulin

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The comprehensive array of tarpaulins offered by us comprises of pure cotton canvas and cotton blends with nylon, viscos, acrylic and carbon for various applications. Other fabrics with various usages in several industries such as Cambric Fabrics, Poplin Fabrics, Export Yarn Dyed Fabrics, Voile Fabrics, Drill Fabrics, Pocketing Fabrics, Twill Fabrics, Air Mesh and Duck Oxford Weave, to name a few are also made available.


Ranging from 26 to 144 inchesĀ  (66-366 cm)


4 to 36 oz/Sq. yard ( 135 to 1210 gm /m2 )

Some of our special features include:

    Double row stitched seams
    Double lock stitching
    Reinforced tabs/ patches on all eyelets
    Wax proofing
    Wet &dry finish
    Rust resistant brass polished eyelets
    Waterproof, mould-resistant &mildew proof


Especially designed for outdoor applications where there is continuous prolonged exposure to natural elements

    Lorry sides &curtains
    Tents: relief, camping & military
    Industrial Applications
    Agricultural Applications
    Roof covers
    House furniture