HDPE Geomembrane Lining

We offer a wide range of geomembrane lining to meet your individual pond & canal specifications of high quality durable heavy scrim reinforced Geomembrane fabric ranging from 250 gsm up to rugged 700 gsm. Supplying custom fabricated in large one-piece drop-in panels designed to fit your dimensions and are accordion folded then rolled on heavy duty cores for ease of handling and transportation. Large lay flat mill rolls are also available for further seaming in the field.

  • Crush weave - Increased slope stability / Excellent anti-slip properties
  • Excellent Puncture/Burst Resistance
  • Strong UV Stability and Weathering Properties
  • Printing as per requirements
  • Excellent Flexibility


Maximum width up to 2 meters wide and length as per requirements.
Mechanical fabric rolling with inner core.
Large one-piece custom liners available upto 200 ft x 200ft.
With aluminum / steel / plastic eyelets.
All sides re-enfored with Nylon or PP rope.

Some of our special features include:

  • Bigger sizes Tarpaulin - Non-Stitched Welded Tarpaulin
  • Ultraviolet 3% treated & fire retardant
  • Water Proof , Mel dew proof & rot resistance
  • Double Sided Laminated & Colored
  • Printed tarpaulin
  • 7 layers over black weave
  • Arctic flexibility


  • Sanitary landfill, mining & leachate ponds
  • Wastewater and chemical treatment
  • Concrete, pressed steel tanks & secondary containment
  • Aquaculture pond liners

Benefits of installing geomembrane pond lining system

  • Easier pond maintenance
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Better water quality control
  • Reduces turbidity and risks of disease
  • Effective water leakages
  • Bund slope erosion control
  • Saves time in pond preparations between harvests
  • Reduces sludge, waste and sediment contamination
  • Ultimately leading to better farm performance and
  • profitable crop harvests