Blankets: We offer woolen blankets & fleece blanket in customized sizes as per requirements.

Woolen blankets Composition: 30%/ 40%/ 50% wool variation

Finish: Wet raised / dry raised

Packing : 25 - 30 Blankets in each bale packed in polythene and covered with Hessian, pressed and strapped with plastic bands. Each bale is water tight and moisture resistant

Option : Medium thermal / Low thermal / High wool contents

Fleece blanket composition : 100% Polyester

Sides : Whipping 10 stitches / dm or ribbon type fold on all four sides

Colour : As per requirements

Packing : 30 blankets in each bale. Each bale to be packed in polythene and thereafter in HDPE material.

Packing - All items to be packed in a plastic bag, thereafter placed in carton
** The above set can be provided in different grades and individual as per requirement